The end of the journey!

8 Apr

Just dropping by to wish everyone best of luck!

Can’t believe this course is coming to an end. And finally, we had sent in our last assignment for the ICT course! This is our end product. Tadaaaa~

Although the process was hard, the outcome is so rewarding. I believe all the efforts and time we had spent will not go down the drain, as in the process, I have indeed gained invaluable experiences and undeniably, I have become a better lesson planner! I used to design lesson plans without giving much thoughts, for instance, is it feasible for primary classroom, have I created a rich learning experience, is the task making the pupils to think, are the objectives achievable and the most important thing is, I have never given much attention to assessment. However, in the midst of completing this assignment, I did ponder on such aspects. For sure, I will definitely apply these when I start teaching. A big thank you to Ms Ng and Miss Marsyitah for their endless support and guidance. 🙂

I had a good time working with my group mates too! Really happy working with these bunch of cheerful and forever crazy friends.

This will be the moment I cherish the most. I would like to thank my group mates as well. I have indeed learned a lot from them, especially Choo, who is such a perfectionist and I love how she organizes and plans things, clever girl! And Priya, who loves to laugh a lot! Haha.. She is another smart girl in our group. Extremely creative and she can come up with good ideas any time! And the guys, Louis, Aaron and Dhaya also. I really had fun working with all of you! This might be our last time working together! 😦

Alright, think I should stop crapping here and get back to my work. All the best for the coming tests and exams and I hope all of us can strike through. Good luck! It’s our last sem! Hoooray~

Till we meet again, adeus!


4 Responses to “The end of the journey!”

  1. priyatharisini April 9, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    Hi dear…thanks for your thoughtful wishes…I had a fun time working with you and choo and the rest too..Oh Yeaah..not to forget you are also one smart girl too k…who is capable of executing plans very well and completing tasks in a ‘blink of an eye’ impressively and significantly!:D..I also gained great insights and wonderful experiences working with both of you..working in groups was kind of fun and meaningful too!enjoyed it very much..haizz..gonna miss you girls so muchie..i will definitely cherish all those beautiful moments forever!:D
    Oh ya, regarding the end product…Hooray!A03 is a mission accomplished..we managed to do it!Like you have said..yess..”Although the process was hard,yet the outcome is so rewarding” as I think i have also learned to be a better lesson planner too..So a big great thanks to Ms Ng and Ms Marsyitah for everything..and not forgetting to you too Group 4 members..Thank you!
    Bee dear..i am really gonna miss you a lottt!!!All the best for your upcoming exam ya..

  2. siangshian April 10, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Eh I’m not a perfectionist ok! Priyatha is! Hahaha

    • priyatharisini April 10, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

      hey choo..tolong sikit ye..not me k..haha..anyway, i am gonna misss u too laa…haizzz…so sad ody..

      • beeguat April 10, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

        Ok ok, I think I am the perfectionist kot!!! Hehe..
        Wow, thanks Priya for your compliment! *blushing*…hehe
        Yes, I have really learned a lot from this group assignment, especially from you guys, very beneficial for me as a learner. I guess it’s impossible to learn so much if this is an individual assignment.
        All the best in our exam girls! We can do it!

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