Let’s practice COP in our classroom!

16 Oct
Hi, in my previous blog, let’s engage in communities of practice, I’ve talk about how we engage in COP in our course, therefore in this blog, I would like to talk about how COP can be implemented in our future classroom.
In my previous blog, I have mentioned how we can set up COP in our classroom.
When children enter the classroom, it is important to let them feel at ease. When teacher enforces that the classroom belongs to everyone, pupils need to know that each of them has their own role to play: this means that they have to keep their classroom clean and take care of the classroom. Teacher can even let the pupils create classroom rules together. This will give them a sense of autonomy and responsibility towards their own learning environment. This is a crucial step to set up a ‘community‘ in the class who share the same learning environment.
Next, when children feel that they belong to the community, it is vital to engage them in cooperative learning. This can be done by creating group or pair work so that pupils can collaborate and learn from each other. This will help to foster spirit of teamwork.
Thirdly, sharing of work. Sharing pupils’ completed work enable them to gain better motivation and they are able to learn from each other as well.
In order to host this COP, we deem that first of all, teacher must always ensure that learners are being put in the comfortable position. The learning environment need to be supportive and comfortable so that pupils feel secured. Therefore, pupils should be allowed to choose their own seating partners. This will reduce their anxiety level and promote optimal learning. Besides, teacher should always promote collaborative learning by emphasizing on ‘friends help friends’, ‘we all learn together’. Pupils need to know that sharing of knowledge is important.
So, in order for COP to take place, teacher needs to conduct activities that promote collaborative learning, such as role play, dramatisation, choral speaking, musical band, project work or readers’ theatre. These activites enable pupils to work as a team and it allows interaction among the participants. It allows pupils to help one another in the process as well.
In order to sustain COP in my classroom, it is vital for teacher to ensure teamwork and cooperation all the times. Besides, teacher needs to emphasize on tolerance, patience and respect as well. These are important elements in learning in a community. Besides, teacher should always provide sufficient support and encourgement to all pupils.
So, overall, in order to turn our classroom into COP environment, we need to bear in mind that pupils need to be part of the classroom and enjoy learning in the classroom, without treating themselves as isolated figure. As one advocated, ‘all for one, one for all’!
Let’s make it a reality! 🙂

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