Re-evaluation of my e-portfolio

4 Sep

Hi! This is just a short re-evaluation of my e-portfolio. When we first enrolled in this course, we were asked to develop an e-portfolio. Initially, I was not prepared to it because I’ve never done anything similar before, and I couldn’t imagine myself learning through this digital and electronic platform. How much I can learn from there? However, as time goes on, it proves that it is indeed helpful and vital for us as life long learners. In fact, it has become a habit for us to update and share what we’ve learnt along the course.
In the first few weeks, we were also asked to reflect on how much we know about e-portfolio. This was my response:

"An e-portfolio can be seen as a type of learning record that provides actual evidence of achievement". I agree with this statement. E-portfolio is a powerful tool for learning, as it serves as a platform for us to collect and compile what we have learnt, and it enables us to share this knowledge with others. We can import or include video, electronic files, images, multipedia, hyperlinks, or blog entries as a form of evidence of learning.
It can be something interesting or inspiring that we have encountered in life and would like to share with others. It can be a platform for self-express as well-what we feel during the learning process, likes and dislikes, and etc. 
These collection is very helpful because it enables us to refer from time to time! It is just like a diary, where we paint down our evidence of learning, and a place where we can reflect upon our learning process. In short, e-portfolio is a sustainable learning tool, because it won’t expire, we can get access to it anytime, anywhere we want! "

In my response, I stated that e-portfolio is a type of ‘learning record’. I realised that so far, my e-portfolio has served as a learning record for me. Up to now, I’ve uploaded 14 entries, most of them were about what I’ve learnt from the lectures and one of them was about the workshop conducted-digital storytelling workshop. I noticed that all these were evidence of my learning process, and I really hope that I can continue to update what I learn from time to time. Besides, I realised that I’ve gained a lot of new and useful experience in these 8 weeks. Before this, only our lecturers can evaluate our assignments. Now, learning has become reciprocal, whereby we have the opportunities to see what our friends have learnt and at the same time we receive feedback from them too. Therefore, my e-portfolio has become my personal learning tool. However, when I refer to the assignment question, I found that I still need to improvise my e-portfolio. What I did weekly was merely a piece of reflection about what I learnt and felt about the lecture. In fact, I did not take the initiative to do further research or readings about the issues raised in class. Some of my reflections were not written in-depth. I think what I lack in my e-portfolio is a critical thinking in relation to what I am learning. Besides, I also realised that there are very minimal artifacts (resources and links) in my e-portfolio. Therefore, to amend that, I think I need to be more critical in my reflections, and perhaps try to upload more teaching resources or links especially those that involve the use of technology that I find helpful so that I can use it easily in the future. Really hope that I can fulfill that by the end of this course.
Okay, so these are my thoughts and opinions about my e-portfolio. If you have any ideas on how I shoud improve my e-portfolio, feel free to comment ya!

5 Responses to “Re-evaluation of my e-portfolio”

  1. hueyzher September 8, 2009 at 9:30 pm #

    Bee Guat, you know, you are doing so far okay in terms of giving feedback and replying to comments. It looks consistent. And you are doing and adding what you lack … interactivism in your current entries on m-learning. If you are consistent in that, you are on the right track. Next, you might want to add – Entries on your progress of your part in the video KIT.

  2. Ng September 8, 2009 at 11:16 pm #

    All right, thank you ma\’am..Will work on the entries soon 🙂

  3. hueyzher September 9, 2009 at 8:50 am #

    Looking forward to that in six weeks 🙂

  4. priyatharisini September 9, 2009 at 9:10 pm #

    Hi bguat…Personally, i think it is a very good reflection of yours on e-portfolio..Yup, i agree with you that e-portfolio has now became our " personal learning tool" very true indeed. Thus, we can reflect on our pros and cons and take effective measures to make amendments here and there as well as improvising our weaknesses/ drawbacks. An inspiring reflection,thumbs up girl.!hehe…

  5. Ng September 9, 2009 at 9:35 pm #

    [ms ng] Okay ma\’am, I\’m also looking forward to work on the video kits and blog about it soon! :)[priya] Thanks girl. Ya, I think all of us managed to grasp the concept of e-portfolio and has made it our personal learning tool! Haha, hopefully we can improvise from time to time!

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