‘Mobile Digital Story” and me

4 Sep
Hi there. I have been exploring around and I found that this particular site is quite fun and interesting to work with.

It enables us to upload pictures and add descriptions (blurb) to them. Other people can view our pictures and comment on them as well. So, what’s the difference between daily booth and other websites such as facebook or twitter? Well, daily booth enables us to document and share our life with others. We can upload a lot of pictures. Besides, we don’t have to click on each picture when we want to view them. It will appear as a series. Picture speaks a thousand words. With those pictures, people can know what is going on in our life. Here are two examples of how people share what is happening in their life.

Interesting isn’t it? So, how we can use it for teaching and learning? Perhaps when we want to teach ‘imperative-giving instructions’, for instance, how to make a greeting card, we can capture each step and upload the pictures on our daily booth, and write the instructions under the description column. With that, pupils can access to it and learn to read the instructions even when they are at home. Pupils can also be asked to perform similar process and share it in their daily booth. Besides that, we can also capture some pictures and make it into a form of story. This will definitely trigger pupils’ interest to read the story and this makes learning fun as well!
I’ve tried creating one on my own as well.

So far, I found that daily booth is quite easy to work with, however, my question is ‘how to prevent people from exploitng our pictures for other or negative purposes?" And will pupils use it appropriately? I think what we’ve learnt in digital citizenship helps to reduce those possibilities. For instance, make sure that we establish the do’s and dont’s before pupils use the software and perhaps limit the access of our profile to pupils and our friends only.
This is just my personal opinion on mobile digital story using daily booth. Perhaps you have better ideas. If so, please feel free to comment and share ya! Thank you. 

2 Responses to “‘Mobile Digital Story” and me”

  1. Sakina September 4, 2009 at 9:28 pm #

    Brilliant! Not only you have tried to used the software which pictures can be uploaded through your mobile phone but you have also suggested activities that can be used in your class. I am also very happy that you have even thought of your students privacy and the problems faced by digital citizens. I think you have what it takes to be a great teacher! Kudos to you! Keep the spirit going as a 21st century educator.

  2. Ng September 4, 2009 at 9:42 pm #

    Thank you ma\’am, I\’m still learning and exploring around 🙂

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