Digital Citizenship

25 Aug
‘Digital citizenship’. I’ve never encountered this term before, until Prof Raja Maznah required us to respond to her questions regarding digital citizenship. Therefore, I’ve browsed through the internet and found a website which I think will deepen our understanding on what digial citizenship is all about. Click here for more information. Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to understand what students/children/technology users should know to use technology appropriately. We are always concerned with how to utilize technology to enhance our teaching and learning, but have we ever thought about how to teach children the appropriate ways to use technology so that they will not misuse it? This is something that I think we all need to ponder upon.

"When students see adults using technologies inappropriately, they can assume it is the norm. This leads to inappropriate technology behavior on the part of students." This is indeed very true, and I think as a teacher, we are reponsible for setting a good example for pupils to follow. This is because I found that if pupils are allowed to use technology as a tool for learning, they might misuse their rights, for instance, plagiarizing information using the internet, using mobile phone during class time or playing games on laptop when the class is going on. As a teacher, we have the accountability to prevent these from happening. First of all, I think there is a need to provide pupils with information about appropriate and inappropraite use of technology in school. We can provide them the proper channel on how to retrieve information they want, and how to download it. Teachers can provide useful links for pupils and let them explore. Not only that, I found that there are a lot of websites which contain educational games. Therefore, appropriate use of technology does not mean that pupils should be studying all the time. Teachers can engage them in some beneficial educational games as well. Besides that, I think the school should play their part too. For example, they can block certain access of websites which may harm the pupils or which will distract them from learning. Perhaps the school can limit the usage of mobile phones among the pupils too. This can help to prevent the misuse of mobile phone as there is a tendency for pupils to exchange their test answers using their phones, or exchange non class related messages with their peers.
Besides that, in order to ensure that our pupils appreciate the nine elements of digital citizenship, I believe that we need to set the right example at the beginning of their learning. Teachers need to enforce the do’s and dont’s before they get to use the technology tools in the classroom, and monitor them closely. Apart from that, I also found something new which I have never thought about before. One of the nine elements of digital citizenship is about digital safety. It talks about the physical danger inherent in using technology. Therefore, we also need to alert our pupils regarding the long term physical effect of technology use. We need to ensure that the rooms are well lit and make sure that pupils do not spend extensive time using the technology tools and should take a break in between. We also need to teach children the appropriate way to conduct regular check for viruses or other software intrusion using appropriate software.
So, these are some of my opinions regarding digital citizenship, do correct me if I’m wrong ya? Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


2 Responses to “Digital Citizenship”

  1. hueyzher September 4, 2009 at 3:46 pm #

    What are the things which you do to reflect yourself as good Digital Citizen?

  2. Ng September 4, 2009 at 4:28 pm #

    Hi ma\’am..Well I think I\’m still learning on how to become a good digital citizen. I think plagiarizing is a big offence as we surely don\’t want people to simply copy and do not give credits when they take or quote our works. Thus for me, when I quote information from internet, I would always give credits and insert the authors\’ name so that readers will know that is not my work. Besides, I would ensure that I use my mobile phone appropraitely as many people tend to misuse their mobile phone for other purposes. Most of the time, I use my mobile phone to receive information regarding changes of venues of lecture and to spread information regarding assignments and homework. Of course I use it for other personal purposes but I would ensure that cyber bullying is definely what I wont engage in… 🙂 I will try to impart this to my pupils in future as well. There are still other thoughts running through my mind, but this is what I can think of right now 😀

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