25 Jul
The title says it all. Yes, I am overwhelmed. By our latest assignment! The 3-minute video assignment has placed a lot of pressure on me. I guess most of us are struggling hard thinking how to produce a creative and good video. Frankly speaking, I have to admit that this is the hardest and most challenging assignment we have experienced so far.

The picture speaks a thousand words. So, I guess there’s no further elaboration needed for this picture. Although I was clear on what need to be done, I was still thinking hard on how to come out with a suitable objective. After Ms Ng and Prof Raja Maznah commented on our objectives, I felt that I have overlooked certain important aspects when I wrote my objective and also the topic I wanted to venture in. The picture above illustrates how I felt at that moment. So, there’s a need for me to think hard on what I want to do with my video. Besides, I found that the lecture on last wednesday was very beneficial as Prof Raja has explained to us what went wrong with our objectives. She had presented a diagram on Technology Pedagogy Content.

The letter C represents content knowledge, P represents pedagogical knowledge, while T refers to technological knowledge. I found that these three knowledge are indeed very important in a lesson. I really want to thank Prof Raja for her patience in showing us what we have left out in our objectives. This diagram demonstrates what we need to consider when we want to write our objectives and also when designing our videos. According to this model, it proposed that "quality teaching requires developing a nuanced understanding of the complex relationships between technology, content and pedagogy, and utilizing this understanding to develop appropriate, context specific strategies and representations". Therefore, I found that it is exceptionally important for me to have a profound understanding on the content of the topic I intend to include in my video, and how technology can assist me to better convey the content to my pupils. I also need to think about the approach I want to employ in my video. Initially, I have thought of introducing the names of animals in my video, and using stick puppets to show the animals. However, I realised that this plan is not feasible, because we were told that our video should help us to overcome our limitation, and assist pupils to see the concept that cannot be explained through other methods such as chalks and talk. Therefore, I need to improvise on that. For instance, instead of using "representaion" of the animals, perhaps it would be better to document the real animals in my video, preferably one that shows the movement of the animals, so that pupils can relate it to their real life experience.  
Now I’ve discovered that effective teaching requires hard effort and it is not merely and simply putting things I like in my video. Like what Ms Ng said, the purpose of our video is to COMMUNICATE, not to decorate. We have also been reminded by Ms Ng that we need to be careful in selecting the colour, background and also the font size as kids perceive things differently from adults.
So, what I need to do now is to reflect and think hard on how I can improvise my ideas and come out with a really good and quality video that worth watching. All right, that’s all for now, will update more about my objective, title of the video and the detailed descriptions of my video in the next entry. Adios!

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